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Bruce Berkowitz’s thesis on BAC and AIG

Excellent in-depth study on BAC and AIG from Bruce

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Buffett on CNBC and annual letter

CNBC Transcript: Warren Buffett on Squawk Box Berkshire-Hathaway-Annual-Meeting-2012 Tons of great stuff that we can learn from “Oracle of Omaha”

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Two big wins for BAC

Remember this eye-popping news in Sept, 2011 “$50 Billion Claim of Havoc Looms for Bank of America” over a lawsuit arising from its troubled Merrill Lynch acquisition?

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Economic Indicators from Conference Board

Here are the updates of Eco indicators from CB,

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A closer look at Earnings of Bank of America 1Q12 report

BAC released its 1Q12 financial report on 04/19. Here are its earnings: Net Income of $653 million, or $0.03 Per Diluted Share…

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