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The inside story of 2008 ~2009 global financial crisis

History is philosophy teaching by examples. PBS FRONTLINE 

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Ten best things that I learned from this little book of behavioral finance

I just finished reading this marvelous book “The Little book of Bahavioral Investing” by James Montier, it is a great book on investment psychology and decision-making.

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Big news: AIG bailout funds fully repaid

Here is a really big news today on AIG,

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Good and bad news

Here are a few relevant good and bad news,

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Remedy for EU crisis

I ran into this news yesterday, Europe promises speedy response to crisis

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Buffett’s take at the Economic Club of Washington

Warren Buffett talked at the 25th anniversary dinner of the Economic Club of Washington.

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AIG CEO’s take on AIG and EU crisis

Great take of Benmosche

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Macro Data to watch out this week

Here are some imminent macro data that will come out starting this Monday,

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