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Prescriptions for Euro Crisis

US equity market again struggled on Monday as stumbling talks on Greek debt. How can we resolve the euro woes so as to free the depressed equity bull from inside the fence of fear?

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Scrutiny of BAC 4Q2011 8K reports – part II

Bank of America includes three major business divisions: Consumers, Corporate and Investment Management. The first division, Global Consumer and Small Business Banking (GC&SBB) is the largest one in the company, and deals primarily with consumer banking and credit card issuance.

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Settlement on BAC foreclosure practices?

There are tons of news on this subject recently,

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Scrutiny of BAC 4Q2011 8K reports – part I

BAC released its 4Q2011 8K on 01/19 and closed out the stormy 2011 year with better-than-expected revenue and meet-expectation EPS in the last one quarter. Share prices increased 2.35% on 01/19 and 1.58% on the second day.

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4th Quarter Earnings Estimation of BAC

BAC 2011 4th Quarter earnings report is scheduled to be at 7:00am ET on 01/19/2012.  Many people are looking forward to seeing whether the earnings will be short of expectation like citi or jump 20% like WFC today.

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Calendar of Possible upcoming Europe’s Woes

The US equity market is again severely haunted by EU sovereign crisis in the new year, that is the reason when S&P downgraded several European governments on Friday, DOW dropped by more than 100 points in the early morning trading … Continue reading

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Release Calander – macro view and company earnings

Now FRED economic data are posed to release soon. In order to keep track of the US macro outlook, we need to have the release calendar handy,

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Settlement of BAC litigation?

See the development of foreclosure settlement between BAC and attorney generals,

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Another lesson learned from beginning of this year to today

From beginning of this year to today, most of the stocks in my portfolio rebounded back sharply. However, I sold VOXX and ADGF last year when they dipped and switched them to BAC.

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My Investment Lessons Learned in 2011

My investment portfolio, including 401k, IRAs, Roth IRAs and HSA, dropped ~10% last year. It was pretty bad compared with the returns of SP500.

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