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Mnuchin’s comments on GSE on Youtube

Here is a list of Mnuchin’s comments on GSE on Youtube, very interesting to follow with his takes,

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Useful links

Here are some useful links for today,

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IMF and Bloomberg news on GSE

More IMF news on GSE. Will the legislation come this month? What should I do with this? Allocate more to GSE preferreds?

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Books Shaped the Thinking and Ministry of R.C. Sproul

Dr. Sproul read many books in his lifetime. The following titles are some of the most influential books that helped to shape his thinking and ministry:

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Lesson Learned

Here are some lesson learned for me

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Study of Amazon

Here is my preliminary study of Amazon

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Mr. Ten Times and Why Can’t I be the No.1?

It is great interesting to read this short bio of Masayoshi Son. There are a lot of characters that I can learn from him to be the best of best.

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